An event by Kampnagel at the Dieter Roth Museum

Internationales Sommerfestival 2021
N. Son, A. Kahrs, F. Kubin, M. Melián, W. Müller, C. Marthaler:
Für Dieter Roth

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Tickets available only via Kampnagel:

05.08.21 – Slots 16/17/18/19 Uhr

06.08.21 – Slots 16/17/18/19 Uhr

07.08.21 – Slots 16/17/18/19 Uhr

12.08.21 – Slots 16/17/18/19 Uhr

13.08.21 – Slots 16/17/18/19 Uhr

15.08.21 – Slots 16/17/18/19 Uhr



Events at the Dieter Roth Museum

Alternating events take place. The focus is on perspectives that set and address art historical approaches, restoration issues or literary and philosophical emphases. People interested in art and culture are invited to get to know the work of Dieter Roth from different perspectives and in dialogue.


Past topics:

Dr. des. Ina Jessen: Of conservation and reconstruction. Visit of the mould room in Hamburg Harvestehude.
Dr. Dirk Dobke: Dieter Roth’s “Schimmelmuseum” between installation and museum self-representation.
Dr. des. Ina Jessen: Between Life and Art? To Dieter Roth’s table mat.
Tobias Weilandt: Fruit, ground meat, dead insects. A view through Dieter Roth’s mould window.

Exhibition view: Dieter Roth Museum. Dieter Roth Foundation, Hamburg, © Dieter Roth Estate, Courtesy Hauser & Wirth