In the 1990s until his death in 1998, Dieter Roth created what he called the SCHIMMELMUSEUM amidst the moldy walls of a run down coach house attached to the DIETER ROTH MUSEUM. Located by the Aussenalster in Hamburg, the rotting building was the ideal place for Roth to realize his concept of transient art, which he had evolved since the early 1960s.

Virtual tour through the Schimmelmuseum

The Schimmelmuseum can also be visited by way of a virtual tour. Although the characteristic smell and the sensation of getting one’s shoes stuck to the floor may be absent, one can still get an impression of the unique installation.

Due to security reasons, the building finally had to be demolished in 2004. Several original sculptures from the temporary installation of the SCHIMMELMUSEUM were permanently integrated into the DIETER ROTH MUSEUM and the rest installed in a SCHIMMELRAUM of the new building on the Alster site.
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