Dieter Roth Museum

Dieter Roth ( 1930-1998 ) established the DIETER ROTH MUSEUM in a townhouse in Hamburg on 57 Abteistrasse. From the beginning, the Museum was solely devoted to showing the works of Dieter Roth and his collaborations with other artists. Dieter Roth selected each individual piece in the museum and used its mode of representation and its significance to the different creative stages of his work as criteria.

Trailer: Guided tour through the Dieter Roth Museum, © Dieter Roth Foundation, Hamburg / videocompany.ch

Dieter Roth Foundation

The DIETER ROTH FOUNDATION operates the DIETER ROTH MUSEUM, administrates the archive, supports research on the history of Dieter Roth‘s art, sponsors publications, offers events and manages the lending of works to external museum exhibitions.

Guided Tours

Tours through the museum are offered by independent curators, visits are by appointment only. Entry fee 20 € per person, reduced for pupils, students, seniors 10 € per person. For less than 5 participants or 10 pupils, students, seniors a flat rate of € 100 applies.
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Jour fixe

Jour fixe tours of approximately 60 mins are offered every first Friday of the month (except on public holidays) at 11 am and 2 pm. Booking is required 4 days in advance. Entry fee: € 10 per person. Pupils, students, seniors: € 5 per person.
For appointments use our contact form


2-G access model as of November 25th, 2021

Please note that the 2-G access model will apply at the Dieter Roth Museum from November 25th, 2021.
Proof of full Corona vaccination or recovery in conjunction with photo ID will then be required for admission. The distance requirement will no longer apply, but there will be a requirement to wear a medical mask. Contact information collection via luca app or contact form is required.
For the time being, children and young people under the age of 18 can also take part in a guided tour without proof of testing, vaccination or recovery.

We look forward to your visit!

Dieter Roth, P.O.TH.A.A.VFB (Portrait of the artist as Vogelfutterbüste), 1968, Gussfigur aus mit Vogelfutter vermischter Schokolade, 21 x 14 x 12 cm, Auflage: 30, Herstellung: Rudolf Rieser, Köln, Verlag: Verlag: Galerie Hake, Köln
Dieter Roth Foundation, Hamburg, © Dieter Roth Estate, Courtesy Hauser & Wirth